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The FUBAR141 Counterstrike Website
   It's a hostage map, based in a high-security datacentre.  Features include:
  • A nice little cargo lift.
  • 2 usable cameras(1 for courtyard, other for water chamber).
  • 4 usable lights, 3 of which are spotlights for the courtyard and the other is an underwater light for the water chamber.
  • A 1-way door, controlled by a switch.  It's supposed to be maintenance/emergency access to water chamber, it can be opened by the control panel on the desk at the main entrance to the complex.
  • There are 4 inline workstations on the top floor, using these will enable/disable lights and allow you to use both cameras.
  • Using hostages you can block the sliding doors so people have to go a different way to get access to the rooms.
  • Most rooms have allot of computers in, shooting the octal ones will cause them to explode (not too bad though), network hubs will also explode.
  • There is an armoury :), it takes approximately the same times for the teams to reach the armoury, so one thing I don't wanna see is teams *verbally* arguing over who gets what, just argue normally ;).  Contained in the armoury is 1 para, 5 MP5s, 5 M4A1s, 5 HEs, 5 standard shotguns and 5 kevlar vests.
  • Sniper tower is nice, has 2 paras' in bottom and 2 switches for spotlights at the top.
  • 1 CRATE!!! (explosive, heehee)

I can't really say anything else, apart from you shouldn't run it in D3D :S, I really screwed up, I was testing it in openGL, went to try it in D3D and something has gone really bad!!!  Run it in GL and see what you think...  :D

Here are some screenies: