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The FUBAR141 Counterstrike Website

  Hints & Tips

This section contains the following topics (in order):

  • Online gaming utilities.
  • Console Commands.
  • General Information.
  • Key Bindings.
  • Camping.
  • Weapons.
  • Movement.
  • Graphics.
  • Recording Games.

Online Gaming Utilities:

There are a few utilities available for playing counterstrike online, but I do recommend this utility (CS Manager 1.3, click link).  I made the utility, it's good, fast and easy to use.  It's the third version out so far, and will be continued to be updated by myself.

Handy Console Commands:

"hideconsole" - Won't the default key that you use to hide the console work?  Just type this in to hide it.

"exit" - This will exit the game, a good way to get out of it without messing about.

"sensitivity" - This will modify the mouse sensitivity, I use 25 (which is very sensitive), so I type "sensitivity 25" to change it.

"drawradar" / "hideradar" - Draws and hides the radar.

"fastsprites" - This modifies the look of software sprites, smoke for example it has a range of 0 to 2, where 2 is the least realistic look, use this to speed up graphics when a smoke grenade goes off.

"listmaps" - This will list all the available maps on a server for playing and voting.

"votemap" - This allows you to vote a particular map for the next round.

"timeleft" - This will show you how much time you have left for the map before the next one loads.

"connect" - Tells the game to connect to a server, e.g. connect will connect to my LAN server.

"list" - In a LAN game, you can scan the network for local servers, use this if you're at a LAN party.

"volume" - This will allow you to set your volume, e.g. volume 3.0.


General Information:

Choosing the right weapon is definitely an issue depending on the map, the amount of enemies and the route you are going to take to get the the target point.  Don't bother with pistols if you're planning on buying a better weapon.  If I'm in an open area have a decent amount of money then I'll usually buy the Colt M4A1 auto rifle / SIG auto rifle.  If money is scarce then I usually go for the MP5, that weapon can be used in any situation to very high advantages , sometimes I prefer it to the rifles...

Smoke grenades are good when snipers are about or when space is limited :).  Flash-bangs are wicked, when you're about to walk around a corner or pop-up out of a hatch, use one of these, you can carry 2 at a time.

HE grenades are nice little gadgets, and are usually the first thing used in an assault by your team.  They do a small amount of damage comparing them to hand grenades but do the trick when a few of you throw them.

Use your radio messages!  They can be used as a powerful weapon, this game is all about teamwork!


Key Bindings:

This is my key setup I'm sure there's something wrong with it.  :\

Attack - MOUSE 1

Secondary Attack - RIGHT SHIT / RIGHT CTRL

Jump - MOUSE 2

Duck - KEYPAD 1

Reload - KEYPAD 0

Previous Weapon - INSERT / DELETE

Next Weapon - PAGE DOWN / PAGE UP

Drop Weapon - END

Buy Menu - F1

Buy Primary Ammo - F2

Buy Secondary Ammo - F3

Buy accessories - F4

Radio Messages Menus 1, 2 + 3 - F5, F6 + F7

Torch - #

Spray Logo - G

Chat Users - C

Chat Team - X

Switch Teams - T

Forward - UP ARROW


Strafe Left - LEFT ARROW

Strafe Right - RIGHT ARROW

I don't use the rest of the key functions, but I intend to, I've been thinking of using the left side of the keyboard so that I can dish out radio messages easier.



I am not a camper, and the reason for this is not because I don't like campers, I don't mind campers as long as they don't take the piss.  Good places to camp on maps are ones at long ranges (duhh), you have a choice of 2 sniper rifles to choose from, the scout is a cheap alternative to the AWM, it is used by more professional snipers though, as it does not kill on the first shot :).  High is an advantage when camping, and so is your background texture, suit texture and light levels, some campers choose seriously hot places for the job...  Look at the map cs_militia for example, the front of the building is a campers dream...

And from the campers point of view (the CT team can't see him unless they are considerably close)...



The choice of weapons you have is always satisfactory...  Common weapons used are:

  • Desert eagle - Powerful shot.
  • Glock 18 - Has burst fire, 3 bullets at once when enabled.
  • MP5 - Cheap and professional, this SMG is a killer!!!
  • Colt M4A1 - You can snipe with this, but you have no scope, if you have the money then buy this, good for anything.
  • Steyr Aug - very good gun, it has a zoom function, and is fully automatic.
  • AK47 - Used by the terrorists, it is one mean rifle, also hard to handle.
  • HE grenade - Everyone is bound to own one of these.

Never forget to reload your weapon whenever you have the chance, but don't push it because reloading will get you killed in many cases!  If you're in a combat situation and run out of ammo then switch to your sidearm immediately, most foolish enemies will attempt to reload instead of switching to their sidearm.



  • Ducking is a good idea :).
  • Jumping while running, this allows you to move faster, at the same time as pressing your jump key, press one of your strafe keys as this boosts speed.
  • I find that when one-to-one with an enemy it is better to duck down while shooting at them providing they are close to me.  If we are approaching each other, I move towards them and to the right while shooting at them, this causes them to miss a fraction of their shots.
  • When approaching a camper use a flash bang or smoke grenade first, and don't forget to jump all over the place like a lunatic rabbit, this will cause them to miss most of the time.  Approaching them in a symmetric diagonal path while jumping is the fastest way to get to them.



Make the most out of what you have, there is no point having 640*480 graphics when your card has 32 meg memory, experiment with your graphics, the best mode is OpenGL by far, start at 800*600, if you like it then keep it like that.  If it runs too slow then put it to 640*480 and it should run fine.  Do try running the game in 1024*768 as this is used by allot of players and would give amazing output. In the graphics options, enable fast software sprites, and also enable high quality models, as this can bring a massive increase in performance if you have OpenGL support!


If you start feeling sick/dizzy because of graphical detail then stay at lower resolutions, and turn the contrast/brightness down, please take this into consideration.  As well as sickness you could feel heat rushes or start sweating, if you do not do something about it then it could result in fatality.  Also remember to take breaks every now and again when gaming.  Cheers.


Recording Your Games:

Hehehe, now this is cool as hell, you will need to know 3 console commands...

  • playdemo
  • record
  • stop

Firstly decide what you want to call your demo, ok, now go to console and type "record demoname", now get playing...  If you want to stop recording then enter the command "stop".  if you want to view the demo you have recorded or installed then type "playdemo demoname", it will load the level up and start to play the demo before your eyes. Note that the demo is saved into a file which can be copied to put on your site in your cstrike directory, it will be called "demoname.dem", they can get pretty chunky in size so be careful.  Have fun d00ds!!!  OH, there is 3 demo's you can download in the files section.


That's about it for now, I will be updating this section because there are many other things to put on here such as the mp_ console variables and commands.  Goto the message board if you want to ask questions or answer questions... There could be something there for ya!


Check out my guides below for technical help.