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The FUBAR141 Counterstrike Website

So, You wanted to see it... :)

Counterstrike is a modification for an existing game named "half-life", released by sierra in 1999 ( I think it was 1999 anyway), surely you must have heard of it?  Anyway, for those of you that have, you can think again about that 50-odd meg download for the modification coz it's worth it, as you will see...

The game is set aside 2 teams, the terrorists and the counter-terrorists, there are 4 standard  modes of play...

  • COUNTERSTRIKE - This is where the terrorist team have hostages, the teams have to fight their way to victory by eliminating the other team, or by the CT team rescuing all the hostages.
  • DESTROY - This is where the terrorist team have bombs, they go to designated places and plant them, once a bomb is planted, time is the enemy, it has to be defused, or the terrorists have to be eliminated for the CT team to win the round.
  • ASSASSINATION - Once the round starts, 1 member of the CT team is classed as a VIP, this person must stay alive by all means, if the terrorists manage to assassinate the VIP, they win!
  • ESCAPE - You must make your way to the escape point on the map to win, for the opposing team, the escapees must be eliminated.

You must use the best combat tactics to survive, with access to specialized equipment including body armor, grenades, pistols, sub-machine guns, rifles, machine guns and shotguns, you are armed to the teeth!

As well as playing this game online, you can play it on Local Area Networks with ease, and even download bots to play against for practice.

You get to have 3 main weapons, by default, 1 is the melee combat knife (ouch), 1 is primary arms, which can be anything BUT a pistol, then you have your secondary side-arm, which is of your choice.  You can throw your weapon down and pick another one up, for example, if you kill someone you can throw down and "borrow" their amazing rifle.

Not to forget the 2 different types of body armor, and 3 different types of grenade (Flash-bang, smoke and high explosive), night vision and bomb de-fusel kit.

You can chat with everyone on a server or just your team, there are defined radio messages for instructing and alerting your team of the situation.

You get cash for rescuing hostages, defusing bombs, your team winning the rounds, and also for killing enemies, you barely go broke, if you use sub machine guns for a few rounds (which are budget weapons, nice as well) and end up with a heap of cash to spend on quality weapons.

Check out these screenshots (CLICK TO ENLARGE - Pictures will open in separate windows):

This is the section where you buy your weapons, you can only buy weapons if you have enough cash for the desired weapons, and are not > 90 seconds into the round.  Everyone normally buys guns, ammo and accessories at the very beginning of the round, then commences combat.

This man was killed, he took a CT troop with him just before he died, this is a result of backup arriving split seconds too late.

Terrorist approaches opening fire with AK47, what do you do?  Ahem. I mean.. "what do you do when you got a good zoom with an arctic warfare magnum sniper rifle???  I guess you can imagine what happened to him.

You can't really see what's going on here... Let's just say that the guerilla came out of the front door like a raving loony, firing away with a para machine gun I had a steyr semi-sniping rifle... I threw the grenade then switched back to steyr rifle and blew him away, what else should happen??? Observe the next picture...

Anyway.. I managed to get hold of that para machinegun that the loony had and had a go, for a change...  Look what happened, as soon as I walked through the door god dam it!!!  That weapon is lethal, it's like a sooked up AK47.

This guy decided to throw a flash-bang (hence the dark patch on the floor), this was after I launched a smoke grenade (which is fizzing away in the background), I was blinded by the flashbang, and when I recovered that was it for him, I used the top shotgun on him, fully auto!

CT forces storm through the tunnel firing at terrorists surrounding them at the exit, this is the noisy part.

Sometimes it doesn't always work out like that... The terrorists might decide that they don't want to wait for CT team to come through the tunnel :).

Sniping with the scout sniper rifle:).  As the terrorist walks towards the sniper, he zooms in, with 2 levels of zoom it doesn't get any better, it's just ultimate fatality for the enemy.