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The FUBAR141 Counterstrike Website

These are links to other well-known sites, here you will find links to all sorts of stuff relevant to counterstrike.

Major Sites:

FILEPLANET - This is a major site for gaming files.

THE OFFICIAL COUNTERSTRIKE WEBSITE - Top website!  The one and only.

GAMEPLAY FILEMONSTER - Similar to fileplanet, they don't have as many files for counterstrike BUT do have their own leagues and resources.

CYBORG2.COM - UK2.NET run this joint, they have a CS dedicated group of servers waiting for you to jump aboard, the servers are located in London docklands, so there ain't much of a problem for anyone joining the network.  Good news for those of you that live in UK, they have a free dialup, direct to the servers, you're talking 150 ping there fellow modemers!!!

WINDRIVERS.COM - This is the leading windows drivers website, go here to update your drivers for any device you want, you are more or less guranteed to find what you're looking for.

PLANET HALFLIFE CS SECTION - A central site where most HL gamers go to hear about how their favorite mod is going and stay up to date with everything...

WAVELENGTH (OFFICIAL) HALF-LIFE EDITING RESOURCE - Somewhere you can find editing info and resources for developing anything from maps to new mods.

COUNTERSTRIKE MAPPING - This is the original website for CS mappers, there's some good stuff on here.