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The FUBAR141 Counterstrike Website
   It's a CS deathmatch map, based in an open military testing area (i.e. Area51).  Features include:
  • An air strike - when activated by a button, will cause many flash bangs to bombard the area for a short time.
  • A Helicopter - flyable, you cannot go up/down in it, there are 2 mounted helipads, allowing you to board the chopper.  This will hold approximately 8 people.
  • A ground vehicle - I've named it "the raid mobile", you will know when you see it.
  • A personnel transport system - If you go to the far corner on the terrorist helipad and jump, you will lift above the floor and proceed to fly along the side of the map at high speed, to the corner and then fly towards the CT helipad.  This is a fast way of getting to the other side of the map.  It's a one-way system.
  • An ammo store containing crates, a few weapons, and a laptop which is used to seal the central building via translucent doors closing.
  • Anti aircraft guns - There are 4 arrays of 3 lasers placed in each corner of the map, targeted at the helicopter, these will injure people in the helicopter if they are hit.  The CT helipad has the activation button on.
  • Explosive rigged areas - The rocks, and the corner building are rigged with explosives, these can be activated with buttons and have 10 second timers on them.
  • A large open area to fly the helicopter in and drive the vehicle in.
  • A small rocky area - I spent some time doing these rocks, the terrorists and CT have instant access to this area at the beginning of a game.

The map is not of any type(cs_, de_,as_, es_), it's just for fun.  The idea is to eliminate the other team.  If you attempt to fly the helicopter over the rocks in the map, it will go upwards and crush the people inside in some cases.  You can do some stunts by means of combining the vehicle and the rocks.

The main thing is that both teams have certain advantages:

  • CT:
    • Have first access to helicopter.
    • Have almost instant access to air strike activation and the rock blast.
    • Helipad has simple barricades.
    • Have first access to a building in the corner of the map.
  • Terrorists:
    • Have a vehicle.
    • Have first access to ammo store.
    • Have a fast transport system leading to CT helipad.
    • Can hold out in the rocks if CT are using the helicopter in the area.


Here are some screenshots of the map: